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Student Weekly COVID-19 Test Results

Inspire Diagnostics Covid Testing (PCR)
Fall 2022

South Campus
Mondays & Thursdays
Starting Monday, October 3

A reliable testing service with locations all over town is  Outside test results must be uploaded by filling out this form.  


In keeping with Federal, State, and Local health department recommendations and guidelines, we have determined to require a vaccination booster for all LACM community members (faculty/students/staff).  This is the best way to keep our community safe and protected during these uncertain times. 

All LACM students are required to have a vaccine booster as soon as they are eligible past the 5-month waiting period for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and past the 2-month waiting period for the J&J vaccine.  Please upload your booster record to: 

For information on locations to receive the booster, please visit the following sites or consult with your primary health care provider: 

We are so appreciative of each of you and our collective efforts to remain safe as a community during these times. 

Please continue to do your part to keep yourself and those around you protected and safe! 

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